Comparing Plans and Coverage: AT&T vs Verizon vs Keepgo

Comparing Plans and Coverage: AT&T vs Verizon vs Keepgo

A smartphone has grown into something bigger than just a communication tool. This is your primary source of information when you are on the go. It’s your map and translator whenever you go to a new place. It’s one of those modern conveniences that make our international travel easier and safer. 

When you leave for a vacation you keep your smartphone always in handy. It’s important to take care of the international connectivity plan before you leave your country. If you decide to stick to your current carrier or switch cell phone provider, you need to realize that the company you work with may charge you extra for roaming services.

When it comes to the selection of connectivity providers, we always want to get the best services delivered by the industry leaders. Such big wireless carriers as AT&T and Verizon offer international plans for their USA customers, which include calls, texts, and data. Smaller carriers like Keepgo also let you connect your devices to the Internet and use all of your favorite messaging apps and other data wherever you travel. 

Before going abroad, you need to carefully read the fine print of what kind of coverage and data you get for the money that you pay. Also, you need to get a sense of how much data you will need when you travel

For what purposes do you need to use data abroad? Are you going to make phone calls, send text messages or access the web and post updates on social media? Your answer is important. This helps you decide on the best international plan that will keep you connected when you go to a foreign country. 

If you are trying to decide what carrier to go abroad with, the following comparison of AT&T vs Verizon vs Keepgo international plans will help you pick the best solution for you.


AT&T International Plans & Coverage

AT&T is the USA-based cellular carrier that has partnered with a number of companies offering international mobile phone services to American customers who frequently travel abroad. The company offers several international data and calling packages to let customers always stay connected when going outside the USA. 

One of the biggest strengths of AT&T is its international coverage. For example, AT&T International Day Pass lets you access the Internet, place calls, and send text messages from about 100 countries in Europe, the Caribbean, Canada, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. 

AT&T lets you choose from several travel options:

  • International Day Pass - $10/day - make unlimited text and talk, and use your plan's monthly data allowance without additional roaming charges. 
  • AT&T Passport - $60/30 days per device - includes 1GB of data in 200+ countries, unlimited texts to the world, $0.35 per minute for calls. 
  • Pay-per-use - $2.05/MB - the rates are applied when you travel in a country that’s not included in a package or when your package expires.


Verizon International Plans & Coverage

Verizon is the second largest telecommunications provider in the USA after AT&T. Compared to AT&T that offers coverage in 100+ countries, Verizon lets you use your smartphone in about 185 countries. If you travel to a country where both AT&T and Verizon provide coverage, it’s more beneficial to give preference to the carrier whose rates are the best for you.

Verizon does offer several International plans to their customers:

  • TravelPass - $5 -$10 per day - is a wireless plan that lets you use your phone as you do at home, with unlimited texting and calling, as well as 4G LTE data. You are charged only on the days when you use your device for texts, calling, and data abroad. TravelPass offers coverage in 185+ countries.
  • Monthly International Travel Plan - $70 - $130 per line - is a monthly bundle of minutes, texts, and data that you can use in 185+ countries. Paying $70 per line, you get 0.5GB of data, 100 mins talk, and 100 text messages sent per 1 month. 
  • Pay as You Go rates - from $0.99/min to $2.99/min for calls, $2.05/MB of data, $0.50 sent and $0.05 received text messages - the rates are applied when you do not add TravelPass or a Monthly Travel Bundle when you go abroad. 
  • Cruise Ship Pay as You Go - $2.99/min voice pricing, $0.50/message sent and $0.05/message received  - talk and exchange text messages on more than 400 cruise ships. Cellular data is not provided while at sea. 


Keepgo International Plans and Coverage

Keepgo is based in Israel and has branches in the Netherlands and the United States. The company is the official partner of AT&T, Telefonica, Vodafone, and about 500 other cellular networks in 100+ countries worldwide. 

Unlike AT&T and Verizon, Keepgo focuses on providing customers from different countries in the world with international coverage and delivers local wireless data connection from the best mobile operators worldwide. There is no need to look for a place where you can buy a local SIM card or adjust your phone settings to connect to a local cellular provider by yourself. It’s done automatically for you. 

Keepgo provides several handy connectivity solutions for travelers. One of them is a global data SIM card. It costs $49 and comes pre-loaded with 1GB of 4G LTE data that is valid for 1 year since your SIM card activation. The SIM card comes with a 3-in-1 set of adapters that are intended to fit any SIM-enabled device. It is compatible with all unlocked devices, including iPads, iPhones, WiFi hotspots, dual SIM smartphones, and laptops.

With a global SIM card, you do not pay expensive roaming charges. Your SIM card connects your device to the best local cellular data provider in the country that you visit. 

If you travel with family or friends, it’s likely that you will need to share connectivity with others. Why use your smartphone as a hotspot when you can use a pocket-friendly WiFi router that can connect up to 16 devices at a time?

With Keepgo WiFi hotspot that costs $99, you can use high-speed 4G LTE Internet connection in 100+ countries. Just like the global SIM card from Keepgo, the WiFi hotspot is also pre-loaded with 1GB of data that will remain valid for the whole year. With every next refill, you reset the clock for another year. 

This is the smallest hotspot that’s been ever released in the market. The hotspot has the size of your credit card, which can fit in your pocket easily.  

Moreover, this is a 2-in-1 device that you can also use as a portable charger to charge other devices. The WiFi hotspot has up to 300 hours of standby time and up to 6 hours of battery time

In summer 2019, Keepgo reduced the cost of all refill plans by 25%, making international connectivity even more affordable for travelers. 

  • 500MB has dropped from $19 to $14 (which is about €13) 
  • 1GB from $35 to $26 (€24)    
  • 3GB  from $85 to $61 (€55)
  • 5GB from $119 to $88 (€80)
  • 10GB from $219 to $165 (€149)

Data refills are valid forever, provided that you refill your balance at least 1 time per year.


What’s Your Choice?

Traveling is an exciting experience, but it can be somewhat stressful when you arrive in a new place and start looking for the best connectivity service the moment when you step off the plane. That’s why it’s smart to do some homework in advance and select an international plan that will let you use your phone while you’re abroad. 

When selecting your plan, make sure that you pick the best option for your future trip. Will you need to make phone calls or send text messages when you are on vacation? What about Internet connectivity? How much data will you need on your trip? The choice of the best international plan depends on the way you answer these questions.

To help you with the decision-making, we’ve made a quick round-up of the highlighted stats in this post. Let’s see, compare, and pick the best connectivity provider for your next vacation.




Cost per day


$5 -$10 

SIM card/$49 with 1GB for 1 year  - $0.13 daily cost

WiFi hotspot/$99 with 1GB of data for 1 year - $0.27 daily cost

1GB of data



Free 1GB of pre-loaded data/$26 on refill


30 days

30 days

1 year


100+ countries

185+ countries

120+ countries

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