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GoFi Europe USA Traveler WiFi Hotspot

Share a secure WiFi connection for ALL devices
(Only $8 per 1GB)

GoFi Europe USA Traveler WiFi Hotspot

Share a secure WiFi connection for ALL devices
(Only $8 per 1GB)

Keepgo portable WiFi hotspot is probably the smallest travel Wifi on the planet. This pocket WiFi gives you premium wireless service in the USA and Europe with the low price of $8/month for 1GB with any additional 1GB another $8. No Extra Charges. This USA and European WiFi router has a built-in Bill Protection feature to prevent excessive monthly charges.

This traveler WiFi hotspot is good for people traveling to Europe and the USA. The Keepgo mobile WiFi hotspot provides the best cell coverage in the USA on the TWO largest 4G LTE networks in the country. When traveling to Europe you will also enjoy premium Multi Network access on the fastest 4G LTE networks in Germany, France and other countries. Always get high-speed data. We never throttle down your traffic. Never filter your traffic.

This prepaid WiFi hotspot allows you to create your own password-protected WiFi network to connect all your WiFi devices. No need to change a SIM card and spend time on network configuration.

FREE shipping to 38 countries!

US$99 Data $8/1GB

Features you are going to love

Our selection of features gives you the connectivity that you want

Spread love around you with WiFi sharing
Share your travel WiFi hotspot with up to 15 devices. No need to pick up favorites.

Simple elegance
With a weight of mere 2.64 oz (75g) and size 3.4 in (8.6cm) x 2.3 in (5.9cm), Keepgo portable WiFi hotspot is compact and clever, and is smaller than the smartphone you connect to.

Long lasting connectivity
Welcome to the new reality: your Travel WiFi hotspot connects you for up to 11 hours on a single charge.

Be the one in control
With our curated data plans you’ll always pay for what you use starting from just 8$ per 1 GB.

Get the best cell coverage at home and abroad
Our pocket WiFi hotspot runs not on one, but on several of the largest cellular networks in many countries. Get the best cell coverage on the top nationwide networks in the USA and Europe. Check the coverage.

Worldwide shipping
Enjoy free delivery to 38 countries

Always at high speeds
We will never filter or throttle down your connection down. It’s a promise.

Around-the-clock human support
Need assistance? We are here 24/7 via chat, messenger or email.

No excessive charges
Bill Protection sets a limit on how much is charged to your account per month. Reached 100% of your limit? No charges are applied! Your lines get deactivated.

Service built around you

Around the clock Support
24/7 support from our highly experienced professionals - even on holidays.
Access via chat or email.

Free shipping
We deliver to your hotel, office or residence. Ships free to 38 countries worldwide. Expedited/overnight shipping available.
See your Shipping options.

Quality guarantee
If you are not happy with your product, you may return it within 30 days.
See our Refund policy.

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